Reference Katja Karjalainen

Finish Para-equestrian rider

Katja Karjalainen is a Finish para-equestrian rider with impairments in coordination and movements, she has tremors and is 100% visually impaired which means that she is almost blind. In the beginning of 2014, Katja came to see me in order to try out a horse that I had for sale. At first sight, I immediately admired her – sitting on a horse with all her impairments when really horse-riding is difficult enough if you are physically fit. 


Referentie katja karjalaine
A special rider

It was rather touching to see how the horse reacted to Katja - it looked as if the horse realized that it had a special rider on its back because it behaved like a saint. Even when Katja got off the horse on the wrong side – it stood like a rock. Katja bought the horse and participated at the World Equestrian Games in France, winning 4th prize. In the same year, she also won the Norwegian Championships which secured her qualifications for the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Paralympic Games 2016 

Unfortunately, the horse got injured but Katja was so keen to participate in the Paralympic Games that she bought another horse. Last year, she came to my stable for several months to train with me and to compete. Katja participated at the 2016 Paralympic Games with her horse Woikoski High Flow.

The story of Katja Karjalainen has been written by Merieke Voorneveld.